Rapé Kuntanawa - Tsunu

Clarifying and cleansing

The Kuntanawa (“the tribe of the Babassu Palm”) see their spirituality as the core principle of their existence. Since ancient times, they have been using plants to enter into direct contact with the nature and spirit of the forest. Through their communion with the plants, these people have been able to preserve their traditions and keep themselves both physically and mentally healthy.

The Rapé of the Kuntanawa brings a unique vibration with it, as well as a strong spiritual aspect. It draws the attention within and calms the mind, enabling the forces of the plant spirits to do their work. Certain plant ingredients in this mix engage peace, protection and happiness. It gives the power and clarity to make important decisions and to maintain a spiritual balance.

This mild Rapé stimulates the heart region in particular and has a heart-opening effect. It usually contains tobacco, tsunu ash (Sterculia apetala) and other plant compounds.

Incense to burn on charcoal.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase this product.

  • 7 g Incense

    in a 10 ml glass vial

    (base price: 27,85 €/ 10 g)

    • 16.81 EUR

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