Right of revocation

You can revoke the contract within two weeks without reasons provided. Your right to revoke begins: With receipt of the goods if a service is carried out, with the day of conclusion of the contract

However, your right to revoke starts only after you have received our order confirmation e-mail. If you have not received this e-mail, your right of revocation expires four months after undertaking the contract, or four months after your receipt of the goods.

If you choose to revoke the agreement to have a service performed and if this service is carried out with your approval before the end of the revocation period, the right to revoke the agreement also expires.

To keep to the period it is sufficient to send notice of your revocation within the given time. Please enclose your purchase order number in any correspondence. Your revocation needs to be sent in written form to:

Sensatonics GmbH
Teilestr. 11-16, Tor 0

D - 12099 Berlin


This can be done by letter, fax or e-mail (which does not have to bear a qualified electronic signature), by any other durable media or by return of the goods.

If you use your right of revocation within the period stipulated, you are no longer bound to your contract with Sensatonic GmbH.

You cannot claim your right of revocation due to the lack of another agreement and/or despite of other legal requirements for the following contracts:

- delivery of goods which were specially produced according to the wishes of the customer or those which were clearly tailored to their personal needs or which are not suited for return due to their nature, (i.e. perishable goods or whose best before date would have expired)

- delivery of audio/video recordings or of software if the seal of the delivered information media was broken by the customer

- the delivery of newspapers, magazines and periodicals