About us

The Power of Plants

The potential of plants has been used since the beginning of time to heal and to enhance well-being. At Sensatonics, we have been researching for over two decades the traditional knowledge that various cultures have developed about plants. We would like to pass this rich treasure of experience on to you. Our Herbal Tonics unite the powerful potential of herbal lore that originated on the European continent with the ethnobotanical diversity from the Asian and American realms. A primary focus lies in the Amazonian plant kingdom with its richness in vitalizing tree-bark. We derive our inspiration from the works of Paracelsus and Hildegard von Bingen as well as in the understanding of indigenous peoples and their knowledge of plants and herbs.

When enjoying our products, let yourself be guided by pleasure, joy and intuition.

From Plant to Herbal Tonic

How our herbal tonics with their beneficial properties are being created. The methods we use to develop and manufacture our recipes are reflective of our mindful regard for nature and a trust in nature’s wisdom, as they are at the core of Sensatonic’s philosophy. For these reasons, we only use precious herbs from organic farming and wild harvesting. Our holisitic view has influenced our workflow whereby our entire production process is done manually and with meticulous care. By choosing to produce our batches in smaller quantities, we can focus on manual and considerate care, extracting and gently processing the plant herbs to maintain and preserve both the potential and the spirit of the plant ingredients. Our products are free of refined sugars, artificial aromas, preservatives and animal products (vegan), being sweetened solely with fruit juices. For the herbal extracts we use pure organic alcohol and purified, energized water.

Pleasurable Connection to Nature

At Sensatonics we see ourselves as a conduit between humans and the spiritual essence of plants - we want to open the senses for the treasures that nature has to offer. Whether vitalizing your body or spirit, opening your heart, loosening your hips, or simply increasing the overall joy of living - at Sensatonics there is a product for every situation and for any desired mood. Using plants as a remedy for sickness is widely known and accepted in our culture. The awareness of additional properties of these plants, however, are just being rediscovered. These properties range from health sustaining and relaxation enhancing to aphrodisiacal effects for the active individual. We at Sensatonics want to bring today’s individual closer to that potential.

Responsibility and Sustainability

Ecology, sustainability and fairness are our most important business principles. For this reason we support organic farming and advocate fair trade and rain Forest projects. The guarana that is an ingredient in many Sensatonics products comes from the Brazilian development project ONCA. Paying fair prices enables the natives and peasants to better their living circumstances and sustain their traditional production and lifestyle. Furthermore the guarana is being planted and harvested in an ecologically meaningful way and thus provides an important addition for the sustainability of the animal and plant kingdom. We are particularly grateful to the Amazonian rain forest because its diversity provides a permanent source of inspiration for us. For this reason, we are a sustaining member of the organization Pro REGENWALD e.V.. True to our motto:

Respect Nature. Enjoy Nature.