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With Sensatonics you can experience pure herbal essence in a new distinction.

Since 1992 we have produced precious Herbal Liqueurs, selected Herbal Bitters and delicious Herbal Kicks to increase general well-being and overall quality of experience.

All Herbal Tonics are produced in a mindful, holistic manner, with expertise, heart and soul and bottled entirely by hand in our production facility in Berlin.

They enable the people of our times a healthy and tasty approach to the treasures of the plant kingdom.

When trying our products, let yourself be guided by pleasure, joy and intuition!

  • Indulge your connection to nature
  • Manually produced in Berlin and processed with utmost care
  • Free of refined sugars, artificial aromas and preservatives
  • 100 percent vegan (free of animal products)
  • Promotion of fair trade and rainforest projects
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