Our herbal tonics open up their soothing properties either pure or as a mixed drink. If you like the elixirs in the form of long drinks or cocktails or if you enjoy them in hot drinks, you will find the right suggestions for them here.

Drinks with Amazonic Jungle Tonic

Vital, relaxed, powerful

Drinks with Aphrodite

Sensual, harmonizing

Drinks with Cerebrotonic

Refreshment for Mind and Spirit

Drinks with Waldmeister

Waldmeister liquer - The bringer of Spring

Drinks with Edena

Clear, golden, paradise

Drinks with Kokmok

Refreshing, spontaneous, energetic

Drinks with Lunatonic

Effortless, elevating and perpetual

Drinks with Moonwalk

Effortless, elevating, perpetual

Drinks with Protectonic

Invigorating, protective, grounding

Drinks with Satyr

Frisky, ingenious, indulgent

Drinks with Venuswave

Physical, sensual, inspiring

Drinks with Yaona

Celtic soul tonic