OTHER WORLDS: A journey into the Heart of Shipibo Shamanism

OTHER WORLDS: A journey into the Heart of Shipibo Shamanism

A Film by Jan Kounen
French audio - English subtitles Collector Edition - 2 DVDs 5h Bonusmaterial: Presentation from Jan Kounen Additional Interviews with Questembetsa, Pablo Amaringo, Moebius, Jeremy Narby, Rick Strassmann, Charles Grob, Eduardo Luis Luna, Jace Callaway, Michel Boccara, Alex Grey, Ananda Bosman and Claudia Müller-Ebeling. Shamanic Ceremonies Ani Sheati at Santa Rosita, 2001 “Other Worlds/ D´Autres Mondes is an intriguing and well-lensed first-person introduction to the parallel universe that some Amazonian indigenous peoples consider to be ‘reality.’ Jan ...

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