Palo Santo

bursera graveolens

fine sticks

Palo Santo (also known as Holy Wood) is a rare, natural wood aromatic incense used for centuries by the Incas as a spiritual remedy for purifying and cleansing and to get rid of evil spirits, misfortune and calamity.

Unlike conventional incense which burns completely after lighting, Palo Santo may be relit many times. It has a wonderfully calming, soothing scent, with a powerful energy.

In Peru, the Palo Santo tree is protected under nature conservation laws and the trade with it’s wood is strictly regulated. The Palo Santo wood that we offer comes from fallen trees and through sustainable cultivation. It fulfills the extremely strict export regulations set by the Peruvian Customs and Agricultural Ministry.

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  • 50 g

    splitted, fine sticks

    approx. 10 cm long, 1 cm diameter

    (base price: 118,00 €/ 1 kg)

    • only 5.31 EUR in place of 5.90 EUR

    In Stock

  • 100 g

    splitted, fine sticks

    approx. 10 cm long, 1 cm diameter

    (base price: 109,00 €/ 1 kg)

    • only 9.81 EUR in place of 10.90 EUR

    In Stock

  • 250 g

    splitted, fine sticks

    approx. 10 cm long, 1 cm diameter

    (base price: 103,60 €/ 1 kg)

    • only 23.31 EUR in place of 25.90 EUR

    In Stock

  • splitted, fine sticks

    approx. 10 cm long, 1 cm diameter

    (base price: 95,80 €/ 1 kg)

    500 g
    • only 43.11 EUR in place of 47.90 EUR

    In Stock

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