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 Baby massage oil Baby massage oil
For sensitive skin
€10.75 *
Angelica Root Essential Oil Angelica Root Essential Oil
Angelica archangelica
€44.30 *
Avocado base oil, organic Avocado base oil, organic
Persea americana
€8.95 *
Balsam Fir Essential Oil Balsam Fir Essential Oil
Abies balsamea
€6.25 *
Basil Essential Oil (Linalool), organic Basil Essential Oil (Linalool), organic
Ocimum basilicum linalool
€7.95 *
Bay Laurel Oil Bay Laurel Oil
Laurus nobilis
€11.95 *
Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil Benzoin Resinoid Essential Oil
Styrax benzoin
€7.35 *
Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic Bergamot Essential Oil, Organic
Citrus bergamia
€9.95 *
Black Pepper Oil, organic Black Pepper Oil, organic
Piper nigrum
€10.50 *
Cajuput (Cajeput) Essential Oil Cajuput (Cajeput) Essential Oil
Melaleuca leucadendron
€5.25 *
Camomile roman Oil, organic Camomile roman Oil, organic
Anthemis nobilis
€11.35 *
Cardamom Oil Cardamom Oil
Elettaria cardamomum
€9.80 *
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