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Green Cedar Spray Green Cedar Spray
Aromatic, Forest, fresh
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Palo Santo Spray Palo Santo Spray
Woody, purifying, warm
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Nokiba Nokiba
Moss Garden
€5.70 *

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Rapé Huni Kuin - Forca Rapé Huni Kuin - Forca
Strong, earthy, visionary
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Shokoh Duo Shokoh Duo
Gift set
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Jewel Duo Harmony Jewel Duo Harmony
Gift set with Amethyst, Diamond & porcelain holder
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Kokmok, organic Kokmok, organic
Refreshing, spontaneous, energetic
From €3.50 *
Jewel Series 8pcs Gift Set Jewel Series 8pcs Gift Set
All eight Magnifiscents jewel scents & wooden holder
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Myokaku Myokaku
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Gaho Gaho
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Misho Misho
Gentle Smile
€35.00 *
Premium Assortment Premium Assortment
Five fine varieties in elegant packaging
€43.00 *
Glass spray bottle Glass spray bottle
Brown glass bottle, empty with pump sprayer
From €1.90 *
Sokuen-koh Sokuen-koh
€18.90 *
Kyo-jiman Kyo-jiman
Pride of Kyoto
€36.90 *
Ohjya-koh Ohjya-koh
King's Aroma
€24.90 *
Matsu-no-tomo Matsu-no-tomo
Friend of pine
€22.90 *
Shaman Drum with Fur Shaman Drum with Fur
Goatfur & Wood, Bali
€123.00 *
Helichrysum Oil (Immortelle), organic Helichrysum Oil (Immortelle), organic
Helichrysum italicum
€29.95 *
Jaw Harp Morchang Mohan Pro Jaw Harp Morchang Mohan Pro
Steel, India (Rajasthan)
€24.90 *
Guayusa, organic Guayusa, organic
For clarity in the head
€12.90 *
Rapé Yawanawa - Tsunu Rapé Yawanawa - Tsunu
Wild and earthy
€19.50 *
Rapé Shanenawa - Tsunu Rapé Shanenawa - Tsunu
Fine, flowery, feminine
€19.50 *
Rapé Nukini - Shuané/Haianí Rapé Nukini - Shuané/Haianí
Heart opening, balancing, fresh
€19.50 *
Rapé Kuntanawa - Tsunu Rapé Kuntanawa - Tsunu
Clarifying and cleansing
€19.50 *
Wotan’s frankincense Wotan’s frankincense
Germanic Rauhnacht blend
€5.95 *
Holda blend Holda blend
Germanic Rauhnacht blend
€5.95 *
Witches smoke against witches Witches smoke against witches
Germanic incense blend
€5.95 *
Witches smoke for witches Witches smoke for witches
Germanic incense blend
€5.95 *
Ancestor smoke Ancestor smoke
Germanic Rauhnacht blend
€5.95 *
Matcha Maru, organic Matcha Maru, organic
The precious Green Tea powder, made from Japanese shaded tea.
€19.95 *
Ecstasy Massage Oil Ecstasy Massage Oil
sensual and blissful
€16.90 *
Sample Set - Herbal Kicks Sample Set - Herbal Kicks
€28.50 * €22.80 *
Chinese green tea – gunpowder, organic Chinese green tea – gunpowder, organic
Strong, fine-tart, mild-smoky, rolled
€4.20 *
Nokiba Nokiba
Moss Garden
€5.70 *
Kyo-nishiki Kyo-nishiki
Kyoto Autumn Leaves
€4.00 *
Diamond Diamond
€6.95 *
Guarana Powder, organic Guarana Powder, organic
A natural source of energy
From €13.00 *
Edena Edena
Golden Plant Magic
From €9.50 *