For clarity in the head

Our new GUYA - Guayusa tea is traditionally grown by the Quechua in the Ecuadorian rain forest in so-called "chakra" (forest gardens) alongside many other crops in natural permaculture.


The leaves of the Ilex Guayusa shrub contain caffeine and theobromine as well as a high content of L-theanine - a substance that stimulates the alpha waves in the brain, creating a relaxed alertness. In addition, the tea contains cell protecting antioxidants, all essential amino acids and many valuable vitamins and minerals. Therefore, Guayusa tea not only awakens, but additionally reduces stress, helps focusing and increases the level of creativity.



100% pure Ilex guayusa leaf


Recommended Use:

Add 1 heaping teaspoon to 1 cup of hot water and let steep 5-7 min.

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Content: 100 grams

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