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The Japanese incense manufacturer Shoyeido has a tradition that goes back over three hundred years. Twelve generations of experience make it an expert in developing recipes using only the finest and most natural ingredients. The fragrance blends contain between 20 and 50 different natural ingredients that are carefully matched to each other. Their mixing ratio remains a closely guarded family secret. However, the most important ingredients are indicated on some of the packaging.

Shoyeido offers you natural, fine incense of the highest Japanese craftsmanship. The sticks burn with little smoke and release a delicate, soothing fragrance. Unlike most other incense sticks, they get their shape through a pressing process and therefore do not need any carrier wood.

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Amethyst Amethyst
€6.95 *
Blue Topaz Blue Topaz
€6.95 *
Bodai-koh Bodai-koh
Satori - Enlightenment
€13.50 *
Daigen-koh Daigen-koh
Great Origin
€4.00 *
Diamond Diamond
€6.95 *
Emerald Emerald
€6.95 *
Gaho Gaho
€66.00 *
Gozan Gozan
Five Hills
€9.95 *
Haku-un Haku-un
White Cloud
€15.50 *
Hoyei-koh Hoyei-koh
Eternal Treasure
€4.00 *
Japanese Incense Tray Frost Japanese Incense Tray Frost
€14.50 *
Jewel Duo Harmony Jewel Duo Harmony
Gift set with Amethyst, Diamond & porcelain holder
€26.90 *
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