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Bon singing bowls Bon singing bowls
Hand-hammered brass, Nepal
From €27.90 *
Jaw Harp Brumle Soutok Jaw Harp Brumle Soutok
Steel, Czech Republic
€79.00 *
Jaw Harp Jofen's Rabacher Jaw Harp Jofen's Rabacher
Steel, Czech Republic
€79.00 *
Jaw Harp Morchang Gorka Pro Jaw Harp Morchang Gorka Pro
Steel, India (Rajasthan)
€21.90 *
Jaw Harp Urban Bass Jaw Harp Urban Bass
Brass, Vietnam
€38.50 *
Jaw Harp Victoria Jaw Harp Victoria
Brass, Vietnam
€39.00 *
Shaman Drum Shaman Drum
Goatskin & Wood, Bali
From €93.90 *