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Amber Amber
Succinit, pure resin
€7.50 *
Ancestor smoke Ancestor smoke
Germanic Rauhnacht blend
€5.95 *
Aroma lamp Yggdrasil Aroma lamp Yggdrasil
€10.95 *
Benzoe Siam Almonds Benzoe Siam Almonds
Styrax tonkinensis, pure resin
€11.20 *
Cedar Wood Cedar Wood
Cedrus sp.
€3.60 *
Chameiro Dhoop Chameiro Dhoop
Valeriana hardwickii Wall
€5.95 *
Charcoal tablets Charcoal tablets
Self-lighting charcoal
From €1.60 *
Copal Manila (light) Copal Manila (light)
Agathis dammara, pure resin
€4.90 *
Dammar gum, white Dammar gum, white
Shorea wiesneri, pure resin
€4.90 *
Dragon’s blood powder Dragon’s blood powder
Daemonorops draco, pure resin
€19.90 *
Elemi Manila Elemi Manila
Canarium luzonicum, pure resin
€6.90 *
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