Christmas Sale 2023

Sensuous gift ideas and many offers.


Dear plant lovers,


Once again this year, we have put together many sensuous gift ideas for you. You will also receive a 5% Christmas discount until 31.12.23 on many items in the store:



Our raw cacao range, now with many new items for ritual cacao and the cacao ceremonies - made from directly and fairly traded cacao beans from small farming collectives in Peru, Bolivia, Ecuador, Uganda, Indonesia, Ghana and the Ivory Coast.



Fine Japanese incense from the over three-hundred-year-old incense manufacturer Shoyeido. Twelve generations of experience make them experts in developing recipes using only the finest and most natural ingredients.



All essential oils and massage oils from the small Irish manufacturer Atlantic Aromatics are characterized by particularly rich aromas.


The colorful, visionary bead art is created by the small Colombian tribe of Camentsa. With their rich traditional herbal medicine, they are regarded as great healers.



Mochilas (bags) made from hand-spun, untreated sheep's wool from the Colombian Guambiano. With every purchase you support these guardians of water and traditional knowledge.


Our entire range of ritual and therapeutic musical instruments - from Koshi wind chimes, Tibetan singing bowls and shaman drums to Shipibo seed rattles and chacapas to our fine selection of Jew's harps from various cultures.

Please also check out the Sensatonics gift packages with discounts of up to 30% and our individual gift vouchers!

We wish you a relaxing end of the year.

Your Sensatonics team

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