18. Aug 2013

Kulla Raimi Killa


Nabi Nunhue, Colombia

September 18th to 28th, 2013

According to the ancient traditions, at the equinox

during the ninth moon in the thirteenth moons’ solar cycle

the Grandmothers of ancestral knowledge convoke

men and woman to the sacred ancestral festivity of Kulla Raimi Killa.

Your presence and participation will honor the ancient ceremonies

that will be offered on the Nabi Nunhue territory

The ancestral knowledge Grandmothers:

Mamita Miriam Aranda - Pi Urek ‘children of water’

Tunka Hota Winyan - Lakota tradition

Kaweinaru Dopatübinü - Sikuani tradition

Jaba Saka - Nabi Nunhue tradition


Day 1

Arrival and welcome

Opening Circle

Day 2

Inipi (sweat lodge)

Purification Ceremony of the Lakota tradition


Purification Ceremony of the Pi Urek tradition

Day 3

Talking circle

The Grandmothers share their history and teachings about femininity

Day 4

Dopa Ceremony with Yopo (Anandenanthera peregrina)

The Sacred plant ritual from the Sikuani Tradition

Day 5

Kuya Raimi

Sacred festivity of femininity

Pacha Manka

ancient Andean feast

Day 6

Ayahuasca Ceremony

by Jaba Saka and Kajuyali Tsamani

in the Nabi Nunhue Tradition

Day 7

Moon Circle and offerings

by Jaba Saka in the Kogi Tradition

Day 8

Offerings to Mother Water

at the Wilke Waterfall

Day 9

Talking Circle

Histories of life

and Feminity teachings

Day 10

Inipi (sweat lodge)

Lakota tradition

Pishi Marik

Spiritual refreshment

in Pi Urek tradition

Closing Circle

Individual healings by the Grandmothers on request

We ask for a contribution of

500 EUR or 750 USD for all

meals, lodgings and group ceremonies

For more information please contact

Mara Velez at lapax1@yahoo.de

Jaba Saka at jabasaka@gmail.com

We await you with much love

Please note that the event is open for men and woman

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