Tremella Mushroom Extract Capules, organic

The White Jelly Fungus

With the White Jelly Snow Fungus (bot.: Tremella fuciformis), we offer you another gem from nature. This one grows in tropical and subtropical climates on mangowood.

In China and Japan, this mushroom has long been valued as a medicinal and aromatic mushroom. It is gradually increasing in popularity in Europe as well because of its rejuvenating properties as an anti-aging supplement. It enhances a softer and more supple skin as well as increasing the blood circulation throughout the body, making Tremella a popular ingredient in organic cosmetics. Furthermore, the Snow Fungus is mentioned in the International Journal of Medicinal Mushrooms in connection with healing diseases such as Tuberculosis, high blood pressure, and common colds.

Our Tremella extract comes from controlled organic farming and is produced via controlled hot-water extraction process. Because of this process, the resulting extract contains 20–30% more mushroom poly-saccharides than the pure powder.

One capsule contains about 300mg dry extract containing: 71,4 % organic mushroom extract, 4,8% Organic Acerola extract as a natural source of Vitamin C (increasing the availability of polysaccharides) as well as silicic acid as a parting agent to prevent moisture. The capsule hull is made of natural cellulose.

Recommended dose:

Twice daily 1 capsule with a glass of water before or after meals.

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  • 60 capsules of 420 mg
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