Maitake Mushroom Extract Capsules, organic

The dancing mushroom

The Maitake (bot. Grifola frondosa) grows with its many headed fruit bodies mainly underneath old oaks. The Japanese term Maitake means dancing mushroom because, according to legend, when mushroom gatherers in ancient china would find these mushrooms, they would break into a dance of joy due to their lucky and precious find. In east Asia, the Maitake has been gathered for over 3000 years and is greatly valued as both a food and medicinal mushroom. Maitake has many regulating properties; balancing of blood-sugar levels, enhancing the immune system and lending support with weight-loss programs are of noteworthy mention.

The Maitake mushroom extract comes from controlled organic farming and is produced via gentle hot-water extraction. Through this process, the extract retains about 20 to 30% more of the effective ingredients (Polysaccharides) than the pure powder.

One capsule contains 300 mg dry extract, of which 71.4% is the mushroom extract and 4.8% is organic Acerola extract - a natural source of Vitamin C which helps to increase the absorption of the Polysaccharides - and silicic acid as a parting agent to prevent humidity. The capsule casing is made from natural cellulose.


Twice daily, 1 capsule with a glass of water before or after meals

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  • 60 capsules of 420 mg
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