Cordyceps Mushroom Powder

The miracle mushroom from Tibet

The “Caterpillar mushroom” (bot. Ophiocordyceps sinensis), also known as Cordyceps, originated in the highland plateaus of Tibet where it grows in caterpillars of the variety Thiratodes. Its Tibetan name “Jartsa Gunbu” means ‘Summergrass-Winterworm’ . This mushroom type has been gathered and used for at least 1000 years and is highly revered in traditional Tibetan and Chinese medicine. The caterpillar mushroom is said to have body strengthening and stabilising properties. Apparently, the successes of the Chinese athletes during the Olympic Games 1992 are believed to have been contributed to the consumption of the fungus. Meanwhile, Cordyceps have been put on the list of restricted doping agents.

The Cordyceps powder that we offer is completely natural and produced without any additives. The powder is gluten-free, low on sodium, lactose-free, low in allergenic properties and vegan. It is made with a fungal mycelium that is cultured in lab conditions, dried and afterwards, finely ground to a powder.

Recommended dose:

Daily 1-2 full measuring spoons (included with the powder) dissolved in a generous amount of liquid and taken before or after a meal or added directly to your food.

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  • pure mushroom powder
    100 g
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