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Catuaba tea is made from the bark of a tropical tree found in the Amazon and has been commonly used in South America for centuries. The bark is rich in min- erals and micro-nutrients, and by drinking a tea made from this bark, it regenerates and refreshes . Furthermore, Catuaba enhances blood circulation especially in the pelvic region and it is therefore treasured as an aphrodisiac in Brazil. A Brazilian proverb says: If a man fathers a child before he is 60, it was him – if it happens later, it was Catuaba.

Our Catuaba is of ‘wild harvest’ origin, adhering to the ideas and principles of sustainability. Only a small part of the tree bark is removed to ensure the conservation of the species. The package contains 100 % pure, cut bark tea.

Preparation: 1 tablespoon tea in a half litre of water, boil for about 5 minutes and then let steep for about 15 minutes. A splash of lemon juice helps to bring out the minerals. The tea can be consumed hot or cold.

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