Superfoods are natural foods having origins in different cultures. They provide particularly harmonious and nutrient-rich benefits. As opposed to artificially produced vitamin supplements, these natural products work in a balanced and wholesome way for our bodies. For this reason, Superfoods are a perfect fit as a daily supplement and provide us with energy, clarity and joy of life.

We chose our Superherbs with a focus on plants that originate in the Amazon. These are all either certified organic or from ‘wild harvesting’ and are gathered or grown by small family enterprises.

Another true Superfood is cold processed cocoa thereby preserving all its vitality . Our Nibs and Chocolate assortment perfectly unites healthy food and sensual delight, providing a high level of antioxidants and at the same time, a wonderful and intensive flavour.

For some time now, the harmonizing and health sustaining properties of Vitality mushrooms are being rediscovered, and they have most recently come to be regarded as a modern Superfood. Our Vitality mushrooms come from organic farming, and are vegetarian / vegan, as well as being gluten and lactose free.

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