Agua Sacral

The "new" Florida water

The origin of this water goes back to the days of the mythical Aztlán, the Cradle of the Aztecs. According to an old legend, there was a boy named Plata who one day discovered a small jar filled with a violet coloured liquid and a small piece of wood at the bottom. Carefully opening the jar, Plata is enchanted by a scent he has never experienced before. Suddenly, beautiful images flow through his mind, awakening his body as he begins to realize who he truly is, and where he comes from. Every time Plata used this magical water, great and wonderous magical powers which he could not explain, would flow through him. Plata kept this magical philter with him as he grew into adulthood, using its powers at important moments in his life. Strangely, this magical liquid would always regenerate, refilling the jar so it remained as full as the day he found it. When he was an old man, Plata passed this wonderous gift on to his son. For seven generations, this sacred, violet-coloured water was passed from father to son until finally, in the heart of the Persian Empire, the seventh son of the lineage of Plata was able to replicate the formula through alchemical techniques and create a recipe for this magical water. He named this water “Agua Sacral” and the secret recipe contines to be passed down from father to son. The original jar has never been found...

This rediscovered water contains a blend of 10 pure essential oils (including Palo Santo), alcohol and other secret ingredients. The cleansing, healing, centering and grounding properties of todays “Agua Sacral” is said to be even stronger than the “Original Agua de Florida” from Peru.

  • Spray
    (base price: 15,00 €/ 100 ml)
    50 ml
    • 7.50 EUR

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  • Flacon
    (base price: 7,90 €/ 100 ml)
    250 ml
    • 19.75 EUR

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