Agua de Florida - Peruvian Florida Water

Agua de Florida - Peruvian Florida Water

Here you can find original Peruvian floral waters for any occasion. Most popular is certainly ‘Agua de Florida’ as it has been used for decades by South American shamans for both spiritual healing and mental restoration in ceremonies.

With our new offer, we have three unique, 100% natural, aroma-therapy sprays: Palo Santo, White Sage and Cedar.

We are also offering the powerful ‘Agua Sacral’, a rediscovered fragrance made from Palo Santo extracts, essential oils and a few secret ingredients. Through a special alchemical process arose this unique, magical product for energetic cleansing, healing and grounding.

It is also worth trying the variety of other scents available from the same company. Every Agua has different properties: they can relax, warm, stabilize as well as increase delight and sensuality.

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