Original Woodruff

Woodruff Liqueur - The Bringer of Spring

Elated, joyful, legendary—Enjoy the inspiring potential of Woodruff.

Rediscovered for you and refined with the utmost care in our newest liqueur creation.

Do you remember the legendary May wine, made from fragrant, freshly picked sweet woodruff herb ?

For centuries it put people into a euphoric and aphrodisiacal mood as they danced to celebrate the beginning of May.

Woodruff wine has been mentioned as early as 854AD by the Benedictine Monks -

“Pour the sparkling wine onto the little woodruff vine!”

We took the advice seriously and captured the spirit of Woodruff in a brand new Sensatonics elixir.

Our Original Woodruff Liqueur holds the captivating energy of spring. Let yourself be accompanied throughout the year by its tender and enchanting sensuality.

We refined the traditional recipe, added the sensual potency of vanilla and rounded it off with organic apple and agava juice.

We recommend:

Mix100 ml Original Woodruff Liqueur with a chilled bottle of sparkling wine (1 - 2 cl per champagne glass) and

Experience the euphoric power of spring!

With extracts from:

Woodruff, Melissa, Current leaves, Vanilla, Peppermint and Ground Ivy.

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Please note that you must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase this product.

  • Herbal Liqueur

    Original Woodruff Liqueur

    (base price: 129,00 €/ 1l)

    24% vol., 100 ml, organic
    • 11.12 EUR

    In Stock

  • Herbal Liqueur

    Original Woodruff Liqueur

    (base price: 69,80 €/ 1l)

    24% vol., 0.5 l, organic
    • 30.09 EUR

    In Stock

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