Herbal Kicks

Herbal Kicks

Kokmok, Moonwalk & Venuswave

The Herbal Kicks are delicious drinks made from concentrated plant extracts.

The stimulating Guarana makes the Kicks an ideal beverage for parties.

Energetic, elevating, sensual:

A Herbal Kick for every occasion.

The Kick can be enjoyed straight or in tasty long drinks and cocktails.

All Herbal Kicks contain a finely-tuned formula of high quality plants.

They are free of refined sugars, artificial aromas, preservatives, and animal products (vegan), infused solely with organic juices from apple, agave and passionfruit.

A main ingredient of the Kicks, the organic Guarana, comes from the Brazilian Fair- Trade project ONCA.

The Herbal Kicks contain 15% vol. organic alcohol and are available in 30 ml, 100 ml, 0.5 l and 0.7 l bottles.

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