Quality Signets

Sensatonics products are distinguished by top grade ingredients and certified quality.

In the following we would like to inform you about the specific quality signets.

  • The EU organic logo

    The logo and the labelling rules are an important part of the organic regulations. With this regulatory framework the European Union provides conditions under which the organic sector can progress in the line with production and market developments, thus improving and reinforcing the EU organic farming standards and import and inspection requirements.

    The main objective of the European logo is to make organic products easier to be identified by the consumers. Furthermore it gives a visual identity to the organic farming sector and thus contributes to ensure overall coherence and a proper functioning of the internal market in this field.

    Only producers and manufacturers who comply with the provisions of the EU Organic Farming Regulation and subject themselves to the mandatory inspections may sell their products as organic or eco goods and label them accordingly with the EU organic Logo.

  • Onca

    Guarana ist heute für viele Indigene und Kleinbauern zur lebenswichtigen Einnahmequelle geworden

    Es wird im Rahmen dörflichen Gewerbes traditionell kultiviert und verarbeitet. Somit leistet Guarana einen wichtigen Beitrag zur Erhaltung der natürlichen Umgebung sowie von Tier und Pflanzenwelt.

    Das Projekt ONCA ist ein Entwicklungshilfeprojekt landwirtschaftlicher Gemeinden im bahiaischen Küstenwaldgürtel Brasiliens

    Es soll Voraussetzungen dafür schaffen, dass Menschen, die sich in einem schon jahrzehntelang andauernden Verarmungsprozeß befinden, langfristig unter würdigeren Bedingungen Überlebenschancen haben. Das Herz des Projektes ist die Schule, in der zur Zeit ca. 100 Schüler (Kinder, Jugendliche, Erwachsene) nach reformpädagogischen Methoden in Vor-, Nachmittags- und Abendkursen unterrichtet werden. Gleichzeitig dient sie als Ausbildungsstätte für die zukünftigen Landarbeiter, die später einmal die Projektidee weitertragen und entwickeln sollen. Es ist ein hoffnungsvoller Lichtblick, zu sehen, wie vor allem die jungen Menschen sich engagieren und an den Veränderungsprozessen mitarbeiten.

    Alle Menschen im Projekt haben Aktiv am Aufbau mitgewirkt und so selbst erlebt, wie die einzelnen Teile des Ganzen zusammenwirken. Ein Bewußtseinsprozess.

  • Certified Natural Cosmetics - BDIH

    Transparency for the Consumer

    During the collection and production of raw materials, nature is to be disturbed as little as possible. Particular care to protect endangered species is mandated. Genetic manipulation and modification are rejected. The transformation of raw materials into cosmetics is to be accomplished with care and with few chemical processes.

    Renewable and biodegradable materials are preferred because their ecological impact is substantially lower, especially when they come from controlled biological sources or other responsible means using natural resources. With natural ingredients, one deals with substances that have been used and studied for ages, so there is a minimal toxicity potential. Natural products most easily fulfill the requirement of accountability and socially responsible production.

    The choice of technical production methods is limited. Technical methods cannot be fully eliminated especially when the user"s expectations for purity and performance cannot be met by raw materials in their natural state. Environmentally-friendly production methods, renewable and biodegradable materials and minimal use of packaging are expected.

    Please check the guidelines which define the concept of natural cosmetics in a sensible and clear manner at the website of the BDIH.

  • The Organic Trust

    The Organic Trust offers a professional, user-friendly Inspection and Certification services for organic food and farm products in Ireland.

    The Organic Trust Symbol provides farmers and processors with a valuable marketing tool and this symbol of organic quality appears on the vast majority of vegetables, meat and processed goods produced in Ireland and sold both at home and on an expanding export market. This internationally respected quality mark offers consumers an assurance of the integrity of organically grown produce and safeguards the interests of organic producers.

    Irish organic lamb, carrying the Organic Trust symbol, has been exported to Belgium, Holland, France and Denmark; vegetables have been exported to Britain; grain has, for some time, been exported to Germany and Holland and Irish organic wool from Organic Trust producers is used by Greenpeace for their sweaters and has been sent to the demanding Japanese market.

    Set up in 1991, the Organic Trust Limited is a non-profit making organisation. It is a registered body, approved by the Department of Agriculture and Food in Ireland and DEFRA in the United Kingdom for the Inspection and Certification of organic producers and processors in Ireland under EU Regulation 2092/91 et seq. The Organic Trust is EN45011 compliant.

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