Rapés are complex shamanic powders comprised of finely ground tobacco (Nicotiana rustica) combined with a fine ash of various other plants, barks and roots. The use of Rapé goes has a deeply rooted history within the tribal cultures. They are still used traditionally by many of the indigenous peoples of the Amazon Basin.

There are hundreds of varieties of rapés, each tribe having its own secret recipes. They are made ceremonially by experienced shamans or healers over several weeks. During the production, the shaman enters moments of trance-like meditation, as well as maintaining a specific diet and abstaining from all sexual activity. The powder is sung to during the manufacturing process and prayers are introduced to imbue the Rapé with harmonizing and healing properties.

Each tribe has developed its own way of using rapé. In some traditions, it is used only by the shamans and chieftains for healing purposes; in others, all the members of the tribe would use rapé in more social rituals. While one culture may use rapé only for special occasions, another may have its use integrated into regular daily rituals.

The tribes have recently given their rapés to foreign friends in order to preserve the knowledge about this traditional remedy. The varieties we offer are obtained directly from the local tribes - with the purchase of the rapés, you directly support the preservation and spread of their culture and traditions.

We are pleased to offer you these authentic preparations as incense to burn on charcoal.

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