Original Woodruff liqueur & fine Cremant

May Wine, or "Maibowle", is a traditional German beverage that uses sweet woodruff or "Waldmeister" as a base in steeping this fragrant liqueur.

Our "Maibowle Set" includes our Waldmeister liqueur - made from real woodruff - combined with a fine Cremant champagne. This set represents a perfect fusion of our Original Woodruff Liqueur with an exquisite companion.

Together they create a May Wine that truly makes a worthy celebration of spring.

We recommend:

Mix 100 ml Original Woodruff liqueur with the chilled bottle of Cremant champagne (1 - 2 cl per champagne glass) and

Experience the euphoric power of spring!

Woodruff wine has been mentioned as early as 854AD by the Benedictine Monks. For centuries it put people into a euphoric and aphrodisiacal mood as they danced to celebrate the beginning of May.

The Zinck Crémant Brut Rosé, made exclusively with Pinot Noir grapes, gets its slightly pink tont from a short maceration before pressing, when it develops the aromas of cherry, raspberry, wild strawberries…

It has a refreshing touch of acid, a solid structure and a persistent, joyous finish, with bubbles becoming ever silkier.

Please note that you must be at least 18 years old in order to purchase this product.

  • Woodruff & Champagne
    1 piece
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