Absinth Introductory set

Lasala Absinth, at its economical price point, is an ideal introductory absinth. However, because of its immaculate aromas of wormwood, fennel, ysop and refreshing lemon balm, it is no less appreciated and favoured amongst absinth conoisseurs.

This already economical absinth is offered here at an even lower price, in combination with two ‘Torsade’ absinth glasses in the shapely ‘Belle Epoque’ style and two classical absinth spoons. Absinth indulgence in classical style at an incredible price.

Lasala Absinth 1 liter

2 Torsade glasses

2 standard Absinth spoons

  • 1 piece
    • only 32.80 EUR in place of 41.00 EUR

    In Stock

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