Absinthe from France

Absinthe from France

In former times of the Belle Epoque many intellectuals and artists confessed their love to the Green Fairy and met for the "Heure Verte", the green hour, in the bistros of Paris.

Toulouse Lautrec, Baudelaire, Manet, Rimbaud, Verlaine and Gauguin were famous Absintheurs, just to name a few.

The French Ritual:

1. Pour 4-6cl of Absinthe in a glass.

2. Put an Absinthe spoon with a sugar cube on it on the glass.

3. Slowly pour water preferably from a fountain (have a look at our accessories) over the sugar cube, so the sugar melts and the water gets into the glass.

4. Mix the content of the glass with the Absinthe spoon.

5. Enjoy.

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