Welcome to our new site! 05/10/2020

10% introductory discount on Herbal Tonics and Native American incense!


Dear plant friends,

we warmly welcome you to our newly revised website!


Here you will find our complete product selection in a new and modern design.

In addition, our new blog offers additional interesting and engaging information on topics relating to our “sensual experiences”.


If you are already a customer, from now on you only need to log in with your email address and password - your previous user name is no longer needed. If you’ve forgotten your password or it is no longer available, simply click on “Forgot your password?” - you will then receive a link by email through which you can reset your password. After logging in for the first time, please also check whether your customer data is still up to date.



To welcome you to our new shop, you will receive a 10% discount on our Herbal Tonics and our Native American Incense until November 15, 2020.




Please feel free to send us your feedback, suggestions and criticism.

We hope you enjoy discovering our new site


the Sensatonics team

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