Gift ideas & discounts for a sensual holiday season

5% discount on selected elegant product lines.


Dear plant friends,


Here we have put together a selection of enchanting gift ideas for a sensual holiday season.


In addition, you will also receive an extra 5% discount on each of these elegant product lines until the end of December 2021: 



Our natural essential oils from Atlantic Aromatics and - now new - from the Canadian manufacturer Invocation.



The high-quality and magical massage oils from Starchild and Atlantic Aromatics, which are characterised by particularly rich aromas.



Precious bead artworks by the Huicholes from central Mexico. The colourful bead patterns are visions received in sacred ceremonies.



The new Overtones series by Shoyeido - the masters of fragrances have once again succeeded in creating seven new, exquisite aromas using pure natural raw materials.


We wish you an enjoyable and peaceful holiday season,

Your Sensatonics team

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